Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Is just another mindless sheep

We think we understand why he is quick to say the tent video is a hoax. Back in 1996 he was easily fooled by a network television crew with a $40 costume.
Unfortunately for the good doctor this comment will come back and bite him in the ass...

In 2013 the lunatic-ish nature of Dr. Meldrum showed when he asked
for donations To cover his $250,000 balloon to search for Bigfoot..

If anyone has any dirt or any stories about their experience as a Dr. Meldrum please forward them to us so we can post.


  1. '...stories about their experience as a Dr. Meldrum'

    You're a genius.


    Look at the 5th item on the list.


Keep it to Bigfoot!