Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Team Tracker sales out another expedition!!

Thank you so much everyone for standing behind me through the good and the bad times. My March expedition sold out about a week ago . This morning I opened up 10 more spots and they all just sold out. I don't like to brag but I will do it anyway. 20 people took their hard earned money for a fun filled Expedition what's the best Bigfoot tracker in the world at $500  per person. After searching around I find out that Teen
Tazer couldn't sell out a 50 dollar expedition but then again most of their followers are still living at home with their parents. So we have confirmed once again that Team Tracker has the most dedicated supporters in the new Bigfoot community.

Also a follower wrote me this email but I agree 100 percent with.

H Rick. I just am wondering if you are keeping a list of these ignorant asses that continue to bash you online? I have been banned from too many sites than I can count defending you and poor Musky. Maybe we can start a site where everyone must use their real name and post their position on your discovery in the open so that when you are allowed to show the body I can easily look back and see who the two faced assholes are. I'm sure their positions will change and you will be their hero then......fuckers... Sorry your having to deal with so many little childish wankers!!. Thank you for what you have dine for all of us bigfoot believers. Thank you so very much Rick.


  1. Do you think there's a good chance of these people seeing a Bigfoot on the expedition? Is it an area with a lot of recent activity?

  2. How is this possible you being the #1 hoaxer.

    1. LOL! Now this is a stupid question.... Mr. Anonymous asks how it's possible to sell out expeditions conducted by a "#1 hoaxer".

      Well,if he is the best hoaxer, then it follows he would be able to fool a lot of people, would it not? And if he is the best tracker, then it would also follow that he could probably sell out. In either case, the full sales make sense.

      So what is your question, genius?

  3. yay rick stole an old message between me and him, maybe i'll be famous like steve kulls now

  4. I agree. Go get em Rick.!!

  5. I was in your hometown clayton this past weekend, well near it in hiawasse. I have a lot kin up that way. I was talking to my uncle that coon hunts and he was telling me some events that happened to him and I would've never believed it from him. Anyways Ibeen interested in Bigfoot for about 5 years and I believe I told u my story about Bigfoot in an email about 4 months ago, hope u got it. Anyways its always good to see a person from my hometown to be the first to kill a Bigfoot or just be the first to prove such a thing!!! Way to go neighbor!!

  6. Wow, 20 people. Reminds me of the old saying..a fool and his money are soon parted.

  7. I haven't been banned yet for defending you but I am certain its coming....these people piss me off soooooo bad. Love you Rick.

  8. So Rick, can you shed some light on 'Team Tazer'? I just don't get their schtick. Are they trying to taser a Sas? Do they EVER do anything but breakdown other peoples breakdowns on YouTube vids? I mean sure the work would be easy, just repeat what has been done, but where did they ever attain their credibility? Did they just appear on the Bigfoot scene and were assimilated by Shawn Evidence? What is their connection? Do they have a monetary agreement? Is it a coincidental symbiotic relationship, they produce snide sarcastic drivel and Shawn (Són) needs something to post? I just don't get it.

    I hope you do have a body Rick, I would love to see you shut these punks up once and for all. I still don't think you did shoot one, BUT I hope and pray you are legit. Nothing like seeing a man scorned and shat upon to comeback with the win. Keep us updated Rick, still love ya, you damn maniac.


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