Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Team Tracker sales out another expedition!!

Thank you so much everyone for standing behind me through the good and the bad times. My March expedition sold out about a week ago . This morning I opened up 10 more spots and they all just sold out. I don't like to brag but I will do it anyway. 20 people took their hard earned money for a fun filled Expedition what's the best Bigfoot tracker in the world at $500  per person. After searching around I find out that Teen
Tazer couldn't sell out a 50 dollar expedition but then again most of their followers are still living at home with their parents. So we have confirmed once again that Team Tracker has the most dedicated supporters in the new Bigfoot community.

Also a follower wrote me this email but I agree 100 percent with.

H Rick. I just am wondering if you are keeping a list of these ignorant asses that continue to bash you online? I have been banned from too many sites than I can count defending you and poor Musky. Maybe we can start a site where everyone must use their real name and post their position on your discovery in the open so that when you are allowed to show the body I can easily look back and see who the two faced assholes are. I'm sure their positions will change and you will be their hero then......fuckers... Sorry your having to deal with so many little childish wankers!!. Thank you for what you have dine for all of us bigfoot believers. Thank you so very much Rick.