Monday, March 25, 2013

Anonymous haters beware!!!!

I can deal with people who disagree with me or just plain hate me. Most of the people stands up and doesn't hide behind anonymous. Racer X Randy Filipovic tried to hide behind a child's name and bash me put my close friends and followers  exposed him for what he really was and just to let you know Randy is still banned from Chuck E Cheeses. There are several new haters trying to make a mark in the Bigfoot community by bashing me.

I am 100 percent against releasing personal information but the people who bash and threaten me anonymously let this be your warning. I will find out and release every detail about you including your phone number, address, work, work phone number and so on. I support haters and Freedom speech  but when it involves the safety and wellbeing of my family we take it to another level.

Thank you God bless


  1. 110% right Rick! These people who hide behind a facade and dont have the integrity (nor the balls) to say it to peoples faces and then post personal information are just scum.

    1. I've posted my name. I'd talk shit to your or anyone elses face that believes dicky boy.

  2. What about people who like you but know you're full of shit, does that count?

  3. The only "ANONYMOUS" Is the BF BODY!! Hope Rick is the Man come Apr 30th!

  4. That photo looks like your Fapping while driving. You just earn my respect.

  5. Come on you psuedo-scientists....please, please send me a or on facebook at But that's right, Rick and his army of idiots are afraid to actually be shown how ridiculous they are.


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